Operation: Hell Mini Test Run - Gill RD, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Posted by Brandon Mc Namee on

This past weekend Power Tap Power Systems followed Team Chase out to Gill Road in Chilliwack, BC.

We met Chase at the gate waiting for someone else, which worked out perfectly for us! He showed us the teams HQ on the main beach, and that is when the fun began! After a couple of hours playing in the mud, the Hell Mini had a mini break down. The driveshaft had come disconnected during our run out, which had also snapped the exhaust, and loosened the bolts on the headers. (we may have gone through a random field or two and then crossed back over to the forest service road over a mound of logs and dirt, that the mini just chewed up!)

Lincoln, the newest addition to the teams pit crew showed up and that is when the work started. Within 30 minutes they had this thing ripped apart, fixed, and back together. It will be amazing to see what the team is able to do under the gun at a race. but we are confident after this weekend that there will be a place for this team at the top.

We also had a great chat with Chase Ford, the head driver for the team. He told us that he has been active in the offroad/mudding community for decades, and that Chicano was actually the first purchase, not Hell Mini. He also tells us that now that the Hell Mini is for the most part completed (aside from repairs from the exhaust, and other little things, including our system) work will resume on Chicano. Plans are coming together for this team, and we could not be more excited about it here at Power Tap Power Systems. 

If you have not already, please give them a warm welcome by giving them a like or follow on their facebook and instagram pages, and check out our video of the weekends test run!


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