We have done our best in the following section to answer some qestions you may have about Power Tap. If you have a question that is not answered below, or you need more help, please email us at info@thepowertap.ca


Q: What are the intended uses for The Power Tap?
A: The Power Tap is intended for, but not limited to the following:
Cars, Trucks, Vans, Race vehicles, Back Road/ Off Grid Solar Cabins or Houses, Utility trucks, Emergency vehicles (including Tow Trucks), Farm/Agriculture equipment, Armoured vehicles, Trailers, RV's, Boats, Camper Vans, Mining & forestry industries

Q: I wanted to use a 3 pole switch with your system so I can use high and low beams on the same switch, is that possible?
A: Yes, please contact us before purchase so we can guide you through the process.  This process will require a modified switch panel, otherwise you will end up with dead switches

Q: I have a accessory that requires more then 30 amps, what do I do?
A: You can tie two of our channels together to create a single 60 amp channel.  Our system allows for a max of 5 of these.

Q: Can the system be mounted upside down?
A: Yes! Doing so will not void warranty as our enclosure water and dust proof!

Q: Does the Power Tap come with a Warranty?

A: Yes, a limited lifetime warranty. Please visit our warranty page for more information

Q: Where do I mount the system?
A: The system can be mounted anywhere. If you need help getting a mounting bracket, please email us at info@thepowertap.ca


Q: I have a problem with my system. HELP!
A: Please contact us right away at warranty@thepowertap.ca

Q: I live outside of Canada and have a problem with my system. HELP!
A:Please contact us right away at warranty@thepowertap.ca and we will get a shipping label sent to you.

Q: Do I have to use your switch panel with the system? Or can I use something else?
A: Please contact us, and we can guide you through the procedure for wiring in something else, but you will still need to purchase our communication cable.

Q: I want to run more then one light to a channel. Am I able to?
A: Yes, check out our store, we have special connectors just for this purpose.

Q: How much power can I run off of your system?
A: Our system is capable of handling a max of 30 amps on any of our 10 channels but due to our systems 100 amp total, you will not be able to have all 10 channels with 30 amps. Our main board has a limit of 100a, which means that 100a needs to be divided appropriately, which we will leave to our customers. If you have any questions about the amperage of your load and our system, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@thepowertap.ca


Q: What kind of accessories can I use with your system?
A: Anything with power! Winches, fridges, VHF & CB Radios, air compressors, lights, inverters, lockers, cooling systems, you could even use it as a primary power supply for Camper Van setups!

Q: Is the Power Tap really air-tight?
A: Yes! Please check out our videos where we had the system submerged underwater running for 3 hours!

Q: Do I need anything else to run this system with 24 volts?
A: No, it is plug & play with 12/24 volt systems


Q: I notice your system is larger then most others. why?
A: We have engineered this system to be water and dust tight, and as the system has loads added to the power source, it heats up. The area of this enclosure allows the board to cool.

Q: Where are the relays?
A: Our system gets rid of mechanical relays in favour of more reliable solid state components. Relays can burn out, causing more issues then they are worth. solid state components are less prone to failure due to how they work.

Q: Do I need to run a extra power cable for the switch panel?
A: No, We supply a single wire you will need to run to your cabin for your switch panel which has switch power included for a easier, more customer friendly set up.

Q: Do you have any other options then the 10 channel?
A: Not currently, but check back soon!

Q: Can I run a light bar with the DRL halo off of this system?
A: Yes,
please contact us so we can inform you of how. We will have a video describing this procedure very soon!


Q: Will you ship outside of Canada?
A: of course, please contact us if you need any help with selection.

Q: Does the Power Tap have a Low-Voltage Cut-off?
A: No. We designed this system with emergencies in mind. Things happen, and the last thing anyone wants to happen is loosing power to essential equipment like E-lockers or winches or cooling equipment due to a loss of supply voltage.

Q: Where is the Power Tap made?
A: The Power Tap is made proudly in Canada, more specifically the beautiful Province of BC.

Q: I am interested retailing the Power Tap, what do I do?
A: Please visit our dealer sign up here