Warranty For Power Tap Products

Power Tap has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

If any of the below are the reason of return, it will be denied, and the customer will be sent an invoice for all fees associated with the return.

(1) any damage due to any of the following: (1a) shipping or other transportation; (1b) storage; (1c) improper use or improper installation; (1d) failure to follow the product instructions or to perform any preventive maintenance; (1e) modifications; (1f) unauthorized repair; (1g) normal wear and tear; (1h) external causes such as accidents (including, without limitation, any damage resulting from a vehicle crash), abuse, or other actions or events beyond Seller’s reasonable control; or (1i) water damage from improper installation of accessory wiring and strain relief plugs;


(2) non-Qualifying Products (i.e. this Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover claims related to products manufactured by third parties, or products installed or used in tandem with Qualifying Products, including, without limitation, accessories or other electronic or electrical equipment that is being powered by a Qualifying Product);


(3) claims made by parties other than the original consumer Buyer (i.e. this Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover claims made by subsequent vehicle owners or subsequent owners of an otherwise Qualifying Product other than the original Buyer).