Tap-10 Complete Systems

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Highlights of The Power Tap 10

  • Poly Carbonate System enclosure with see through lid
  • System enclosure lid has 6 captive screws - No lost screws on the road!
  • System can be mounted virtually anywhere - including upside down
  • Solid State components for more reliable operation
  • Air-tight enclosure to keep out dust & water
  • System can be mounted upside down
  • System enclosure is capable of enduring temperatures between -40 to +130*C
  • 100A total system output
  • 10 x 30a capable circuits
  • 5 x 60a capable circuits
  • Ability to switch between hi/off/low & on/off toggle switches
  • System has wide range of abilities, from powering your motorized vehicle, to being used in solar DC powered cabins in the backwoods as main power panels
  • Power, Ground, and Communication cables are all waterproof and dust proof
  • No low voltage cut off to leave you stranded
  • With only 1 communication cable to run to the control panel, this system takes the stress out of running individual wires to a switch for each load, as well as power for the switch controller.
  • Customized switch colours to match the look your going for

Technical Specifications

  • 10 x 30a or 5 x 60a max circuits that can be doubled or tripled 
  •  Each channel has its own replaceable fuse for easier repairs on the trail, woods, or waters
  • Solid State components for more reliable operation
  • Pre-machined poly-carbonate enclosure with see through lid
  • Withstands temperatures between -40 & +130*C
  • Air-tight enclosure to keep out dust & water
  • LED status indicator
  • No low voltage Cut off to leave you stranded in emergency power situations
  • water proof Power and ground cable included (3 Meters each)
  • water proof 12 Pin Communication cable with colour coding for easy installation included (5 meter)
  • 10 x solid, 10 x 2 hole, and 10 x 4 hole cable plugs to run multiple accessories from one channel
  • Inline 100A fuse also included 
  • Size: 9 1/2" L x 8" W x 2" T
  • Professionally Machined Poly-carbonate Switch Enclosure
  • Water & Dust resistant
  • 10 LED rocker switches garunteed for 10,000 cycles (1 cycle = on+off)
  • 80 Professionally designed labels included for switches**
  • Label are made from laser engraved UV resistant/weather proof acrylic
  •  Included PANA-VISE mount to place your switches via suction cup to your windshield, or a bolt on / screw on mount to secure it in place on your dash area of preference
  •  Easy to connect 12 pin connector with locking nut
  • Size: 6.5"W x 3.25"L x 1.25" T
*LED light not included
** Labels can be customized to customer preference. Send info@thepowertap.ca a email with your order #, and label name preferences.